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Jeff Albinson (attorney)

Annika Ashton (attorney)

Brian Aungst (attorney)

Lara Bach (attorney)

Michael Bailey (law enforcement)

Jason Bangos (attorney)

Deborah Bari Baker (attorney)

Bruce Barnes (attorney)

Kevin David Barr (attorney)

Hamden Baskin (attorney)

Randall Baskin (attorney)

Sarah Beck-Ross (citizen)

Fletcher Belcher (attorney)

Tanya Bell (attorney)

Brandon Bellew (attorney)

William Bennett (attorney)

Donna Bentley (nurse)

Joel Berman (attorney)

Brian Bilbrey (law enforcement)

Chris Billings (attorney)

Rex Blake (attorney)

Mary Katherine Bleckley (attorney)

Jeffrey Borham (Realtor)

Mike Bounos (commercial real estate)

Jeffrey G. Brown (attorney)

Bjorn Brunvand (attorney)

Carol Bumiller 

Deborah Bushnell (attorney)

Jesse R. Butler (attorney)

Stephanie Cagnet Myron (attorney)

Amber Camacho (crime scene investigator)

José C. Campa (attorney)

Tom Campbell IV (attorney)

Robert Carroll (attorney, retired)

Colleen Carson-Beinhauer (attorney)

Jeff Chang (attorney)

Robert Chapman (attorney)

Josh Chilson (attorney)

Susan Churuti (attorney)

Jeremy Clark (attorney)

Clark Law

Melissa Cody (paralegal)

Edward B. Cole (attorney)

Nick Conte (property services)

Cynthia Corder (paralegal)

Vivian Cortes Hodz (attorney)

Sean Costis (attorney)

Curtis Crider (attorney)

Noelle Cummins (attorney)

Shavarne Dahlquist (attorney)

Kendall Davidson (attorney)

Patrick Davis (attorney)

Ben DeBerg (attorney)

Rob DeMorrow (attorney)

Denmon | Pearlman

Bruce Denson (attorney)

Denis deVlaming (attorney)

Kali deVlaming (attorney)

John Dicks II (attorney)

Wes Dicus (attorney)

Santo DiGangi (attorney)

Elizabeth Dirks (real estate agent)

Ryan Dirks (attorney)

Rebeca D'Jimas (crime scene analyst)

Bridgette Michelle Domingos (attorney)

Celia Dorn (attorney)

Natasha Dorsey (attorney)

Nick Dorsten (attorney)

Andra Dreyfus (attorney)

Robert "Rob" Eckard (attorney)

Charlene Eckard (accountant)

Jeff Eisel (attorney)

Misa Everist (attorney)

Linda Fagen-Persante (attorney)

Kristina Feher (attorney)

Jim Ferguson (attorney)

John F. Fernandez (attorney)

Patty Fiegel (citizen)

Jay Fleece (attorney)

Lucas Fleming (attorney)

Michael Fox Orr (attorney)

Neil Fraley (investigator, former law enforcement)

Kris Fratus (law enforcement)

Charles Gallagher (attorney)

Meredith Gauce (attorney)

Paul Gelep (attorney)

Christian George (attorney)

Gordon Glover (attorney)

Tiffany Godfrey (fitness instructor)

Margaret Good (attorney)

Jacob Gordon (attorney)

Rebecca Graham (attorney)

Anthony Granese (attorney)

Walter L. Grantham, Jr. (attorney)

Doug Greenberg (attorney)

Zachary Greenberg (attorney)

Christoper Greene (account manager)

Raleigh "Lee" Greene (attorney)

Sarah Greene (paralegal)

Paige Greenlee (attorney)

Rachel Greenstein (attorney)

George Greer (attorney)

Ronald Gregory (attorney)

Michael Griffin (attorney)

Linda Suzzanne Griffin (attorney)

Melanie Griffin (attorney)

Giselle Gutierrez (attorney)

Jon Hackworth (attorney)

Trevor Hanson (business owner)

Danny Hartpence (attorney)

Michael Hasty (law enforcement)

Kevin Hayslett (attorney)

Andrew Hebert (attorney)

Jay Hebert (attorney)

Catherine Henry (attorney)

Dane Heptner (attorney)

Bridget Heptner (attorney)

Gretel Hernandez (realtor)

Christopher Hersem (attorney)

Tim Hessinger (attorney)

Greg Hoag (attorney)

Katie Holland (attorney)

Steven Hollis (attorney)

Justin Howard (law enforcement)

Chandler Irvin (attorney)

Berny Jacques (attorney)

Jesse James (attorney)

Caitlein Jammo (attorney)

Drew Jenkins (attorney)

Jim Jenkins (attorney)

Todd Jennings (attorney)

Gina Jones (citizen)

Veronica Jupiter (legal assistant)

Michael Kangas (attorney)

Chris Key (business owner)

Patrick Kilbane (attorney)

Donnie Kilfin (attorney)

Vanessa King (attorney)

Christopher Klemawesch (attorney)

Efriam Knight (citizen)

Jeremy Korch (attorney)

Paula Krupa (citizen)

Belinda Lazzara (attorney)

Cynthia Lee (citizen)

Alana Leis (paralegal)

Martha Lenderman (retired)

Gary Lesser (attorney)

David Levenreich (attorney)

Michael E. Levine (attorney)

Michael Livers (attorney)

Michael Lockamy (attorney)

Daniel Loder (law enforcement)

Rob A. Love (attorney)

Jeffrey Lowe (attorney)

Steve Lowie (citizen)

Catherine Luther (digital advertising)

Nicolas Luttmann (banking)

Michael N. Lygnos (attorney)

Kamran Malik (photographer)

Logan Manderscheid (attorney)

Timothy Mariani (attorney)

Mike Marr (attorney)

Starlett Massey (attorney)

Brittany Maxey-Fisher (attorney)

John McBride (attorney)

Ryan McMullen (law enforcement)

Liz McCausland (attorney)

Richard J. McKyton (attorney)

John McLain (attorney)

Sean McQuaid (attorney)

William “Bill” McQueen (attorney)

Howell Webster "Web" Melton III (attorney)

Katherine Miller (attorney)

Mark Mohammed (attorney)

Alex Monteith (attorney)

Kristy Moody (citizen)

John Mosher (financial services)

Deborah Moss (attorney)

Masimba Mutamba (attorney)

Adam Myron (attorney)

Sonya Nazzal (attorney)

Tomek Ochiepka (citizen)

Andres Oliveros (attorney)

Skip Olney (attorney)

Jan Olney (attorney)

Katlyn Orton (financial planner)

Anthony Palermo (attorney)

Alexandra Palermo (attorney)

Anthony Palermo (attorney)

Kristen Panico (attorney)

Harry Patsalides (investigator)

Lee Pearlman (attorney)

Robert "Bob" Persante (attorney)

Michelle Persante (citizen)

PersanteZuroweste, P.A.

Justin Petredis (attorney)

Chuck Philips (attorney)

John Pickart (investigator, former law enforcement)

Andrew Pickett (attorney)

Jorge Piedra (attorney)

Brian Pingor (attorney)

Marc Plotnick (attorney)

Wally Pope (attorney)

Ronnie Prasad (banker/sales)

James Quinlan (law enforcement)

Christina Rankin (attorney)

Bruce Rector (attorney)

Nicolette Rhea (non-profit)

Matthew Rice (attorney)

Julia Rice (attorney)

Everett Rice (attorney)

Rice Law Group

Randall Richardson (attorney)

Lee Rightmyer (attorney)

Mauricio Rincon (business owner)

Jennie Rincon (business owner)

Dwayne Robinson (attorney)

Adam Ross (attorney)

Susie Ross (paralegal)

Karolina Roszel (citizen)

Robyn Rusignuolo (attorney)

Eric Saccasyn (city fire inspector/investigator)

Roland Sanchez-Media, Jr. (attorney)

Peter Sartes (attorney)

Andrew Sasso (attorney)

Anthony Scarpati (law enforcement)

Lara Scarpati (law enforcement)

Scott Schiltz (attorney)

Jeremy Scott (photographer)

Larry Sellers (attorney)

Greg Showers (attorney)

Paul Silvestri (attorney)

Dustin Sjong (attorney)

Mike Smith (attorney)

Schuyler Smith (attorney)

Jennifer Smith Thomas (attorney)

Roberto Sosa (law enforcement)

Alexandra Spadaro (attorney)

Kaitlyn Statile (attorney)

Darren Stotts (attorney)

Irene Sullivan (law professor)

Tim Sullivan (attorney)

Jordan Tawil (attorney)

Jay R. Thakkar (attorney)

Jerry Theophilopoulos (attorney)

Jennifer Thomas (attorney)

Helen Thompson (citizen)

Rick Tindall (law enforcement)

Alen Tomczak (contractor)

Thomas Tripp (attorney)

Dr. Joseph Troiani (chiropractor)

Dr. Theresa Troiani (chiropractor)

Jade Turner (attorney)

Carol Deaton Turner (retired)

Louis Ursini III (attorney)

Kit Van Pelt (attorney)

Shirin Vesely (attorney)

Brandon Vesely (attorney)

Frankie Vitiello (law student)

Zachariah Wade (attorney)

Alec Waid (attorney)

Richard Watts (attorney)

Matthew Welch (attorney)

F Scott Westheimer (attorney)

Chris Westmoreland (attorney)

Adam White (attorney)

Ciara C. Willis (attorney)

Jervis Wise (attorney)

Richard Zacur (attorney)

Shannon Zetrouer (attorney)

Michael Ziegler (attorney)

Fred Zinober (attorney)

Diane Zuroweste (citizen)

Mark Zuroweste (citizen)

Zack Zuroweste (attorney)

Ken Burke, CPA Clerk of Court (Pinellas County)


Sheriff Bob Gualtieri (Pinellas County)

Sara Mollo, Esq. 6th Judicial Circuit Public Defender (Pinellas and Pasco Counties)


Leslie Waters, Mayor City of Seminole


Tyler Payne, Mayor of Treasure Island

Everett Rice, Former Sheriff (Pinellas County)

Chris Sprowls, Speaker of the House of the Florida House of Representatives, District 65


Suncoast Police Benevolent Association ("PBA")  

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